Dates to Remember 

September 5: 
Labor Day NO SCHOOL 

September 8: 
Grandparents Day- 1:30 

September 14:
Picture Day

Learning Topics

  • ‍Classroom policies and procedures
  • ‍Bible- Creation
  • Letter sounds and writing E, A, O, T, L, B


Mark 09/16
Milana Z. 09/27

Ms. K’s Kindergarten Class 

September Monthly Newsletter

Believe it or not, but we have just finished our 3rd week of school! Time is flying by and our kinders have learned so much since the first day of school! We have learned all of our vowels, the days of the week, months of the year and what exactly dates are on the calendar! We are well on our way to counting to 100 days of school on our counting tree and we’re getting there quickly! There has been such great improvement on how to be a good student and we have development our listening ears! Our English is getting a lot better since we started sharing different stories with the class! We are having such a wonderful time together each day! 

Blessings, Ms. K