5th – MONDAY
NO SCHOOL – Labor Day 

1:30PM – Grandparents Feast 

Picture Day 

26th – MONDAY
1ST Grade Chapel

Hello First Grade Parents, 

It was great seeing most of you at back-to-school night last week! I hope you found it to be informative and that you were able to get all your questions answered. Please feel free to call me if any clarification is needed. I feel so blessed to be your child’s teacher. I can already tell this is an amazing class and that we have an amazing year to look forward to! Everyone seems to be making friends and adjusting well to their new environment/routines. My goal is to make sure that your child is able to learn and grow as much as possible this year, while receiving the encouragement and support that they deserve. 

Ms. Watson

Academic Overview


Missing Numbers – fill in missing numbers (1-30), “After numbers” by 1’s (up to 50) Addition/Subtraction: adding/subtracting numbers 0-3 from numbers 1-10 Counting: pennies & dimes, counting/writing by 10’s to 100, After numbers – by 1’s (up to 50) Recognizing greater/lesser of 2 numbers (up to 75), write in-between number (up to 50) Days of the week: names, how many… 


Vowels/Consenants, 2 letter blends (short vowel combo) Read/hear/write letter sounds, blends & words up to 4 letters Recognize/write special sounds – ie: “sh” in “ship Compound words: 2 or more words within one word