About Our Program

GFCS uses the A Beka Program only in every day instruction. The A Beka Book textbooks and teaching materials are formed around excellence in education from a Christian Perspective. This curriculum reflects the very best in scholarship, design, practicality and Scriptural fidelity.

Go to www.abeka.com to learn more about A Beka Books. GFCS will purchase the materials for the parents with their school discount. The curriculum fee that is paid for at registration will cover text books for the entire year.

Curriculum Enhancements

Bible Class

GFCS teachers teach Bible class every morning for half an hour as part of the daily curriculum. The children learn how to follow Christ in all areas of life. They learn Christian songs and Bible verses by memory. This is a time for the children to ask questions, ask for prayer, and learn to pray for one another.

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We have chapel service every MONDAY morning from 8:45-9:30.  Children learn the importance to worshiping together as a school community.  Teachers and pastors bring meaningful and applicable Bible lessons to the students.  We have chosen this year to focus on the Promises of God, focusing on a different . 

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Physical Education

Our students participate in physical education twice a week. This is a time where they learn hand/eye coordination skills, team playing, sport and game techniques, and memorize biological terms to give them a holistic view of our bodies and how to take care of them.

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Students participate in an hour art lesson per week.  The students are taught advanced and meaningful art activities by a professional teacher.   They learn about light, painting, sketching, shading, and abstract art. They create a weekly project to take home. 

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All students go to Choir once a week, and also have a Music Class (Theory/Solfegio) once a week where they get an introduction to music theory, singing, solfegio, and playing musical instruments.

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Russian Class

Since the majority of our students are from Russian speaking families, we feel it is very important to provide all our students with Russian grammar and reading classes. Students will take home homework. This class is a part of our curriculum program for all students, whether they know the Russian language or not.

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